Services at Accma Accountants

Services at Accma Accountants

These are the following services provided by Accma Accountants:

Accounting Systems

We recommend, design and help install accounting systems which are relevant to clients’ needs. These can be maintained by business owners or their staff. If during the course of any work we become aware of any improvements, we will update these to the systems. As a result of business growth, we will make appropriate recommendations.

Annual Accounting

We are able to prepare annual accounts to comply with accepted accounting standards, for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Charities, etc.

Book Keeping

Careful record-keeping is essential in any business for tax, managerial and financial statement purposes. You must have accurate supporting records and receipts for income deductions and other information for preparation in the completion of your tax return. If you are looking to finance the expansion of your business, book-keeping will come in to play; if you ever decide to merge or sell your business, book-keeping will play a major role. Also, if you just want to know how well or not-so-well your business is doing, you will never know the full picture without proper book-keeping. Because accounting and book-keeping are such integral and invaluable segments of an entity’s existence, you should rely on a professional, hands-on consultant to manage such needs. We have been doing this for a number of years that is why we can provide a professional book-keeping service. We can set up our services either on-site (at your office) or off-site (at ours). On-site arrangement; you manage the data at your office using your computer system and accounting software. We will arrange appointments at a time that, as much as possible, matches your schedule. This service is available within Greater London area. Off-site arrangement; you provide the necessary paperwork, we manage the data using our computer system and software.

Business Start-ups

Our company starter pack includes everything needed to start trading. This professional presentation package provides all the basic legal requirements to enable you to commence trading immediately: » Original certificate of incorporation» 3 Bound copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association» Completed minutes of the first board meeting» Company Register» Blank second minutes» Certificate of non-trading» Form 225 to change the company's accounting reference date» Form 88(2) to allot additional shares» Form 117 - certificate to commence trading (Plc only)» Free compliance guide.

Business Taxation

Everyone knows the importance of taxes. With all of its exceptions and complexities, the success of many small businesses will rely on its tax compliance. We assist businesses in complying with tax regulations, while at the same time, minimising their tax liability. We can help you save time and money with accurate tax returns. Even if you’ve recently experienced a confrontation with the Inland Revenue you owe it to yourself and the ongoing success of your organisation.

Cash-flow Management

Accma Accountants offer a complete package of resource management. We will reconcile those complicated bank statements, administer control over your cash flows, and keep your operating account fully functional and balanced.

General Advice

As general practitioners we have a very wide knowledge of most commercial matters as well as a detailed knowledge of many financial matters. We are happy to advise any of our clients on any matters which we feel we have the required expertise. Additionally we have access to a wide range of specialists whom are approachable for their specific advice on more technical matters.


The accounting process is one of the easiest business processes for a company to outsource. Many business owners already outsource their accounting work. Now, the efficiency of the Internet makes outsourcing your bookkeeping a more cost effective business strategy. With selected accounting software, the system was designed to provide a seamless interface between your management, accounting software and Accma Accountants. Our staff will use the same accounting processes that your company currently uses. Moreover, they will make adjustments only if needed to make your accounting cycle more streamlined and efficient. Our outsourced accounting provides higher quality bookkeeping, management reporting, administration and other financial functions. If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead and focus on your core business, now is the perfect time to make the switch to outsourced accounting services.


Once your company starts to employ its own staff, you will be faced with the obligation to pay these staff and to deal with the varied items of legislation that control the workplace. We understand the importance of an accurate payroll system. Rather than devote your own time and resources, ask us to manage these functions for you. In particular the weekly or monthly payment of your employees will require the calculation not only of the gross pay due to them for the period concerned; but also the calculation of deductions of income tax and national insurance which can be a laborious task for the unskilled. Then BACS and cash payments can be arranged appropriately.

Personal Tax

We offer a full service to our personal tax clients to include the preparation and submission of tax returns. We will give estimates of the resulting taxation liabilities and details of the dates on which those liabilities are due. Also, we will be able to help you in determining the most advantageous route for securing tax advantages.


Value Added Tax or VAT, is a tax that applies to most UK business transactions. It is vital to keep accurate records once you are registered for VAT. Compliance with the large number of VAT regulations is an onerous responsibility.The penalties for inaccurate returns can be quite severe. With all of its exceptions and complexities, the success of many small businesses will rely on its tax compliance. We are able to advise clients concerning VAT matters generally and assist with the preparation of VAT returns. For any business, even if you’ve recently experienced a confrontation with the H M Custom Excise you owe it to yourself and the ongoing success of your organisation.