Accounting systems 

Accounting systems allows businesses to track all their financial transactions in day to day basis. The accounting transactions include income, expenses, customer invoices, suppliers bills, assets and liabilities. This will give you information on the performance of the business in real time.

Accounting Software

Firstly, there are three basic functions of an accounting system which are as follows:
  • Record and classify financial transactions
  • Analyse and interpret the information
  • Summarise and communicate the information
There are two types of systems; cloud-based and computer-based. Cloud-based and computer-based systems can be provided according to your requirements. Examples of systems include QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, SAP & Intacct. 

 Accounting systems has allowed information to become more available at anytime, any place due to development in technology.  This means you are able to keep up-to-date with all your information and also, allows you to update data on to the system at real-time. Moreover, accounting systems have become more user friendly for you to use. 

 At Accma, we can recommend, design and help you to install accounting systems relevant to your needs. After installation your staff can simply maintain the system. If during the course of any work we become aware of any improvements, we will update these to the systems. As a result of business growth, we will make appropriate recommendations.