Business Taxation

Everyone knows the importance of taxes. There many types of business taxation including corporation tax, capital gains tax, VAT, etc. With all of its exceptions and complexities, the success of many small businesses will rely on its tax compliance. We assist businesses in complying with tax regulations, while at the same time, minimising their tax liability. We can help you save time and money with accurate tax returns. Even if you’ve recently experienced a confrontation with the Inland Revenue you owe it to yourself and the ongoing success of your organisation.

Business Taxation – Main Taxes:

  • Corporation Tax: This a tax based on limited companies’ taxable income or profits.
  • VAT: Value Added Tax
  • National Insurance: A deduction made from earnings which funds state provisions such as NHS, state pensions and other welfare benefits.
  • PAYE: Pay As You Earn;
  • Stamp Duty: A duty paid for transactions on the transfer of land or interests in land; grants or assignments of leases; and transfers of chargeable securities such as shares in companies.
  • Capital Gains Tax: A tax on the profit of a good sold (an asset worth more than £6,000) that has increased in value.
  • Capital Allowances: An allowance that can be claimed on running costs that are tax dis-allowable such as plant and machinery.